India House London

About Us

Here at India House, we present you with the authentic Indian cuisine. BHARAT is the land of exotic spices, and they are playing an essential role in Indian food since ancient times. Today the spices are available across the world, but the right blend is a work of art, and we at India House have mastered it. India House celebrates the large variety of its dishes based on the intelligence and artful combinations of its genuine and exotic cuisine. The chef here at India House has put in his great effort to create and provide our “Mehman” (guests) with the delights of Indian Culinary. It is famous for its Tandoor (clay oven), B.B.Q. dishes, Naan, Roti, Pulao Rice (Basmati Rice) including exotic appetizers, curries & desserts.

We value our guests here at India House and are always working hard to make your visit a memorable one. The authenticity of INDIAN cuisine served by our staff will make the experience delightful. Thank you for your support, and we eagerly await to host you at India House.

Know your Chef

“It all started from my family back in India” recalls Chef Pradeep Jagtap while he gets ready to set up his lines at 9 am in the morning. Though having a staff of nearly 5 to 6 people working everyday, he is the first one to enter the restaurant and the last one to leave. The journey has spanned across 40 years but the drive to cook the ever evolving and delightful Indian cuisine has never faded.

I was born in a family of Chefs. Cooking comes naturally to me. India House is my way of keeping the tradition alive.” explains Chef when asked about his inspiration behind pursuing the profession.

he experience bridges across 3 different continent. He first started cooking professionally in India and moved to Nairobi in early 90’s and then eventually to Canada. After working in restaurants for few years, he decided to pursue his dream of opening his own venture in the name of ‘Trimurti Indian Cuisine’. Trimurti served the people of Toronto for a good span of 15 years. The restaurant was a big hit thanks to the home-style Indian food and the hospitality of the serving staff. The will to move out of the hustle and bustle of Toronto brought the Jagtap family to London, Ontario in the year 2015. Since then ‘India House’ is proudly serving its happy and satisfied customers and will do so for years to come.